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Priorities, people... [Mar. 28th, 2010|03:44 pm]
I just had a fun conversation with my next door neighbor, Mary (and hubby Mike), whom I'd only met briefly before. (Yeah, I'm a hermit that way.) She wanted to show me her pool, since I saw her in the driveway and stepped over to warn her beware the noise from jackhammering ours over the next few weeks.

a) her house was kind of a convivial mess

b) she has 2 dogs

c) she mentioned poolside margaritas about SIX times - apparently the entire point of a pool is to lie around drinking margaritas.

d) She swore mildly twice.

e) she thinks the neighbors on my other side are stick-up-their-butts anal fruitcakes (insert eyeroll), and I wholly concur.

Conclusion: I think I have one neighbor that I am maybe going to like.
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Real life.... [Mar. 25th, 2010|07:06 pm]
Real life

This is my real life - on the couch in giant polka dot fleece, striped fuzzy socks, my greyhound in his sweats as well, and Dancing With The Stars on the teevee.....

Someone alert Manhattan - I am SOPHISTICATED baybeeee!
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So on to the next project....decor de MartiP [Mar. 23rd, 2010|06:03 pm]
I'm going nuts this week trying to decide on a paint color, etc. for the living room. I'm running around slapping paint color samples on posterboard on the walls, and obsessing over the perfect soft grayed green that is not too blue, not too yellow. It exists! I know it does, dammit! *eyes cross from the billion shades of green on my wall*

I need a coffee table. Maybe a glass one, because I lurvs my Persian rug. The lamp is just stuck there to have something to read by, and I need another.... floor lamp, maybe, at the corner of the sofa? I want the ceiling fan gone, replaced with a simple drum shade fixture or something. I have some art that needs to be framed, and what accessories are there just got shoved there when I unpacked - most are wrong. I need some drapes - not to close, but just 4 long panels to hang for texture. Rough linen, maybe? With some bamboo blinds or roman shades? (The ones there now are nasty chipped vinyl.) And I want to hang the big-assed TV on the wall. And...and...and....

AND, I moved the table out when I put the cookbook shelves in the breakfast area, and now the wood globe light is OFF CENTER. Which is making me batty. It's not EEEEVEEEEEEEN!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

From breakfast area

Facing backyard

From stairwell
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Pool! Swim! Margaritas!!! [Mar. 18th, 2010|06:09 pm]
I am toooo excited! We got the plans for the pool today - done to scale with the existing trees in the backyard (except the palms - those get added later.)

The big round planter ends will have 24" sheer descent waterfalls, and we're getting the LED changing-color lighting inside the pool. The huge sunshelf will have a bubbler fountain. And there will be a cedar pergola built along the house that connects in to the existing porch.

pool from house

pool plan from rear

pool plan overhead
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Gratuitous grandbaby pics (crappy cellphone ones to boot) [Mar. 17th, 2010|03:16 pm]


Getting tall....

Getting big....
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When art makes you cry, you have to buy it. It's a rule. [Mar. 15th, 2010|10:35 pm]
Some of you may remember my entry "Marilyn's Girls", where I talked a bit about growing up with a brilliant and loving but severely bi-polar mom, and the fierce closeness it engendered between my 2 sisters and I.

MrP and I went junk-shopping and antiquing over the weekend, and while tooling around the back corners of the cheapest, dustiest, junkiest of the bunch, I spied a watercolor in a crappy old frame. I glanced. I did a double take, and stopped in my tracks, then stood there staring. Then my eyes welled up. MrP, concerned, asked "What?"

I pointed. And said softly, "That's us. That's my sisters and me. That's Marilyn's girls." He looked at it for a moment, nodded. And then he bought it for me, likely paying much more than it was worth (which is reason 50,679 why I have the greatest man on the planet.). It's signed by some amateur from 1971, and I'll probably never know who the artist is.

The pic does not do it justice - it's kind of hard to photograph art, especially through scuffed and scratched glass. There's more detail and color depth than appears, and one can make out a larger misty female figure enveloping the three girls, which feels to me like the shadowy, fragile arms of my flawed but loved Mother. I like how the one girl is reaching up for..something? and the hint of skinny legs and knobby knees. It's us, in a way I can't communicate but the painting does. How could I not buy this?

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Hey, I have a camera dealy on my laptop! [Mar. 15th, 2010|10:04 pm]
I know, I know, it's been there all along - but I just noticed it today. It can do effects. MrP likes the "tunnel" effect, and wonders what body parts we could wave in front of the lens to make it look like rays or lasers are shooting forth. Do not ask - I'm NOT telling!

So nothing productive from me this evening. Just playing with my camera.

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Hey, Madame U! [Mar. 11th, 2010|09:29 am]
So I found this website today whilst surfing some home decor blogs (I'm still in the midst of getting this humongous house somewhat decorated and accessorized), and immediately thought to myself: "This is something Madame U would greatly appreciate."

It's called Badder Homes and Gardens: the bad girl's guide to good housekeeping, and it's a hoot. Snarky riffs and catty dishing on all things decor.

On a more serious decorating note, This chick in Austin can come redesign my house any day. Plus, how cool is it to call your funky decorating/redesign/home staging business Room Fu?

I mean, Room Fu??? I seriously love that.
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My kitchen is a star [Mar. 5th, 2010|07:33 am]
I just noticed that my remodeler featured my kitchen remodel and floors on his site with a youtube video. Cool! I'm still loving my new kitchen. :)

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Ack. My body continues to do strange things... [Mar. 2nd, 2010|06:12 am]
So I went yesterday to get a baseline eye exam done, because it's recommended that one do so when starting the drug Plaquenil, as it can (rarely) have some long term eye effects. It was supposed to be just a routine deal, BUT...

The opthalmologist noted that the optic nerve in one of my eyes appeared ever so slightly enlarged. Then came the Ishihara test, and lo and behold I am now colorblind. It's not the usual hereditary form, as I spent years administering the Ishihara test to patients, and could always "read" all but one of the 8 plates without difficulty (I always had a very slight red-green deficiency.) Well, now I can only read 3 plates with one eye, and could only see 1 of the plates with the other eye. I'm off this morning to yet another specialist to get a fluorescein angiogram - a dye study to look at the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

I'm a little worried because the most common cause for optic neuritis (inflamed/enlarged nerve) coupled with adult-onset color blindness is multiple sclerosis, and there is some overlap between lupus and MS. I feel FINE, however, so am not overly worried.

Still, a few vibes and prayers would be nice. I just wish my freaking body would stop throwing curveballs.
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