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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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23 February 1963
I am Mom to two grown kids, two step-teenagers, two dogs, three ferrets, and two enormous goldfish. I have the hottest and sweetest hubby on the planet - no lie. Books are the greatest non-human love of my life. I'm a lifetime avid reader, and probably read at least two books a week. I remember clearly the first words I ever read (other than my name). Learning to read was that significant and life-changing for me: I was one of those weird kids who would read the encyclopedia for fun. I read EVERYTHING growing up, as nothing in my home was censored.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm the offspring of an Episcopal priest (who later became an honest-to-god Benedictine monk - with robe, sandals, and all), and a bohemian bi-polar social worker with a stellar i.q. who once walked into the family Christmas gathering stark naked. She just wanted to see the family's reaction. (she also spent 20 years being treated by Corbett H. Thigpen, the guy who wrote "Three Faces Of Eve")

There were rarely "children's" books in my home, so I was reading e.e. cummings at four, and soon Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, National Lampoon magazine, The Feminine Mystique, The Hound of Heaven, and The Exorcist before I was twelve - with a little St Francis and Edna St Vincent Milay thrown in there. I was in no way a child prodigy or anything -I just pretty much had to read whatever was lying around, and that was what was available to me.

I was born and raised in the Southern U.S., but am not a Southern Belle. I flunked out of Belle school, having failed to pass "Elementary Manipulation" and "Hanky-Waving 101". I just couldn't get the hang of Bellehood. I dabble in poetry, but have read enough great poetry to know mine's a hobby.

I'm a SciFi geek. I'm a Christian, but I may be one of the least judgemental people I know, as I pretty much figure people gotta do what they gotta do, and find their own path through life. Whatever gets you through the night, 's alright, 's alright. Try hard not to hurt anyone on purpose, and you're fine with me. Politically, I'm a moderate liberal who believes that government is neither good nor bad, but a tool - and that you can balance the damn books while employing it for the greater good.

I'm bright, but not fucking brilliant. Oh, and be warned - I sometimes swear like a sailor. I'm opinionated, boringly didactic, and sometimes blunt, but reasonably logical in my opinions, and rarely if ever hold a grudge. I will go to great lengths for a good laugh, and think silliness is soul-cleansing. I don't do cliques and sophomoric drama, so please don't attempt to enmesh me in yours. I'd like to save the world, but know by now that I'm not going to martyr myself for it. I do what I can. I stopped apologizing for myself a looong, long time ago. This is me - deal with it. Oh, and have some FUN, for God's sake!

P.S. I am not a pink-fuzzy-bunny-with-bows kinda gal, but I'm fiercely loyal, and I care.


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